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DPF Removal

Diesel Particulate Filter technology has been on vehicles since 2006 and by now many people have spent thousands replacing blocked DPF’s and investigating faults, only to have them block back up again causing a lack of power and troublesome engine warning lights.  If not driven correctly people have found that DPF filters are prone to blockage causing excessive back pressure in your exhaust, reducing your engine power and fuel economy.

The problem is that vehicles need to be driven frequently at high speeds on motorways to regenerate the filter and keep them clean and often even this isn’t enough, so how do you stop it from blocking up repeatedly if you only take short journeys in and out of town? The answer is: you can’t!

This is why at APR Engineering we have invested in the latest technology to enable us to remove the filters from your car or van.  We can remove your DPF from your vehicle by removing the blocked core from its canister in the exhaust system and by reprogramming the vehicles ECU to tell it that the filter is no longer present to stop the warning lights and lack of power occurring.  We can guarantee that you will never have another blocked DPF for the life of the vehicle.

Diesel ECU remapping

We can also offer a diesel remap service that optimises your existing fuel maps within the ECU and can be set for power, giving up to 30% more torque and power, or economy, giving up to a 10% increase in your MPG.  In some cases and the right change in driving style you can achieve both by utilising the additional torque offered in the power remap so not needing to rev the engine so high, saving fuel and engine wear with the same performance!

This is not an add on box designed to trick your ECU into changing its fuel settings it is a modification of the fuel tables within the ECU itself.

Remaps are included as standard with DPF removal at no extra cost.